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Galjoen Trail
Explore the Garden Route Coastline and marine life on these hikes.


Galjoen TrailThe Galjoen trail is the epitome of a coastal trail with towering fossil dunes, tidal poools in rocky shelves, secluded bays and kilometers of unspoilt sandy beaches.


Extending betwen Myoli Beach and Wildside, this trail traverses the Goukamma Nature Reserve and passes towering fossil dune cliffs, spans kilometers of tidal pools and numerous Strandlooper middens with a series of sandy bays interspered by eroding headlands. There are even fossilized footprints tucked away in the dunes.


As this is a beach walk it is best to plan this walk with the tides in mind. The best times to walk it are during the spring low tides over the full and new moon so that the you walk on firm sand at low tide.


Logistics :

Wildside Parking Area : GPS : -34.083249°, 22.958553°

  • Myoli Parking Area : GPS : -34.036238°,  22.812346°
  • Gradient : Flat along beach
  • Difficulty : Easy to Medium
  • Distance : 15km
  • Trail Type : Beach
  • Trail Format : Unidirectional
  • Highlights :Remote, secluded bays, tidal pools, spectacular dune cliffs.
  • Tidal planning : Spring high tides can force walkers onto rocky sections at regular intervals
  • Vegetation : Coastal fynbos with patches of stunted coastal thicket
  • Surface water : None suitable for drinking, carry own supply
  • Alternatives Route : combine the eastern section of the trail with the Bushpig Trail for a 8.5km loop.
  • NO Dogs allowed - the route is in a nature reserve and in a Marine Protected Area.
  • Tide planning : Sedgefield Tides
  • Entrance Fee : R40.00 if you include the Bushpig Trail
  • Guided : R480.00/person, excluding shuttleservice.
  • Guiding : Walk can be self guided or guided. For guiding contact Mark at Garden Route Trail


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