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Hiking the Pass 2 Pass Over and Under loop.


El Toro - Skyline Hike over Cradock Peak


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Vensterberg Map


Want a more aquatic experience then check out options of snorkeling, diving on the Sardine Run or SUPping in the Garden Route.

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Craddock Peak


Pass to Pass Map


Outeniqua Map


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Forest Bathing

For forest experience, try these short forest trails

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Hiking Tours
Hiking tours in the Garden Route, Karoo and Eastern Cape.


Outeniqua Mountains


Hiking Paradise.

The sheer diversity of habitat in the garden Route, Karoo and Eastern Cape offer every avid hiker a range of opportunities.


Whether you are wanting a half day hike or a multi day hike, there are a wide selection of trails available through forest, Fynbos, mountains, semi desert and lush coastal thicket.


Guided Tours.

To get a full understanding of the environmental complexity and the factors that contributed to their development, hiking with a knowledgable guide with enrich every hiking adventure Learning about the complex fire climax Fynbos, or the intricate fungal network that sustains and protects the lush forests, or the remarkable adaptations to the dry arid Karoo will enrich every hike in this botanical and geologically complex region.


Plan Your Time

Drawing on over thirty years of guiding and field research in Southern Africa, Garden Route Trail offers comprehensive guided hikes in the region. Depending on the amount of time that you will spend in the region and how far you prefer to hike, Garden Route Trail offers a range of half day, full day and multi day hiking tours.


Giant Kingfisher Trail


Day hikes.

The choice is yours. Forest, fynbos, mountain, beach or Karoo, we offer short walks and hikes ranging between 2.5km and 20kmRead More


Slackpacking Trails

If you prefer to spend a few days out on a trail, but don't want to hump a heavy pack along, then Slackpacking is for you. Slackpacking is a multi day hiking trail with logistical support. While you hike, a support crew transport your luggage to the over night venue.

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For hikers looking for the ruggedness of hiking with a pack, Garden Route Trail offers guiding and logistic support on a range of trails in the Karoo, Western and Eastern Cape.

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