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Want a more aquatic experience then check out options of snorkeling, diving on the Sardine Run or SUPping in the Garden Route.

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Leopard Trail
A 4 day Slackpacking in the Baviaankloof.


Gericke's Point



The Leopard Trail is a 4 day slackpacking trail through true wilderness. A tough trail, the route has been well set out keeping hikers remote from any evidence of modren civilization.


In October 2020 the trail camps were upgraded to include an enclosed kitchen and dining area accompanied by three enclosed bunk houses which sleep 4 people.


Goukamma Nature Reserve


Remote Mountain Wilderness

The Leopard Trail can proadly claim to be one of the best wilderness trails in South Africa. While it lacks large wildlfie species found in other wilderness areas, it is devoid of any modern human artifacts and stractures. At night the stars and moon are the only light you will see in the night sky and the horizon is unbroken by any infrastructure.




Digital Detox

The only input of information that you will recieve is via the bush telegram, namely the fesh animal tracks on the path. Each time that we have hiked the trail, we have found both Leopard and Cape Clawless Otter spoor amongst the Kudu, duiker and other small mammals that live in this harsh enviroment.


Blue bottles


Spot on Safety.

As part f the recent upgrade to the trail in October 2020, each group is provided with Spot X Tracker for safety. Relying on satelite communication, these devises have become a vauable tool for the event of an emergency in a region that has no mobile signal.


Gericke's Point 02

Trail Format.

The Leopard Trail is a four day slackpacking trail that follows an anticlockwise loop that starts and finishes at the base camp with three remote overnight camps.

To enrich the trail, Garden Route Trail offers an add on of guiding and catering, making the Leopard Trail a true hassel free adventure (except for the hiking, that you still have to do!)


To make a reservation for theLeopard Trail, email Mark for more details.

Route Description

Read more about the Leopard Trail in our Blog : Leopard Trail



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