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Moonlight Meander Tour Dates:

March 2019 :

19th and 20th March

May 2019 :

4th, 5th and 18th May

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Moonlight Meander
The best fun you can have after dark in the Garden Route.


The diversity of marine life is often overlooked by visitors to the Garden Route, but on the Moonlight Meander, a nocturnal tour, you get to explore the wonderful life in the intertidal zone at Gericke's Point near Sedgefield. The Moonlight Meander is limited to spring low tides over the new and full moon lunar phases.



Moonlight Meander

New Moon and Full Moon are the times to experience the unique exposure to the intrigue of Life in the Intertidal Zone. The Low Spring Tide exposes areas usually hidden from sight ...and JUDY reveals the mysteries of the amazing creatures living there.

Under torchlight the Sandy Shore and the tidal pool suddenly becomes alive as as you discover the diversity of marine life in the intertidal zone and learn about how they all survive in this constantly changing environment.


Tour Information

The Moonlight Meander is conducted very two week over the spring low tides during the full and new moon phases.

The next Moonlight Meander will be on Sunday 13th May at 18h30.

Location : Gericke's Point west of Sedgefield in the Garden Route

Starting location : Swartvlei Beach Parking area.

Cost : The Meander is R150.00/person.

Duration : Between 3 and 3.5 hours.

Distance : Approximately 3.6km


Equipment and Reservations

For the best experience on the Moonlight Meander you will need a torch with at least 3 hours of battery life, shoes that yo don't mind getting wet and a warm top.

Reservations :

Contact Judy : eMail

Whatsapp : 0723906667

Mark : eMail

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