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Hiking the Pass 2 Pass Over and Under loop.


El Toro - Skyline Hike over Cradock Peak


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Vensterberg Map


Want a more aquatic experience then check out options of snorkeling, diving on the Sardine Run or SUPping in the Garden Route.

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Craddock Peak


Pass to Pass Map


Outeniqua Map


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Forest Bathing

For forest experience, try these short forest trails

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Mountain Hiking
Exploring trails in the Outeniqua Mountains.


Outeniqua Mountains


Cape Fold Mountains.

The Outeniqua Mountain Range extends from Mossel Bay in the west to Plettenberg Bay in the East. As a section of the Cape Fold Mountains, the range extends parallel to the Garden Route coastline in an east west alignment approximately 19km from the beach.


Craddock Peak


The range is vegetated with predominantly Fynbos with pockets of Afromontane Forest and sections of cultivated pine plantations criss crossing this mountain range is a series of jeep tracks and trails which are ideal for hiking.


There is a core of trails flanking the north of the town of George and the renowned Outeniqua Trail which extends from Beervlei east of Wilderness and continues to Hierarchical between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.


Mountain Safety

The mountain trails are short but steep with a 8km hike delivering up to 1250m vertical ascent. Though not particularly high, the mountain range does present a host of natural threats.


Cloudy mountains



Prone to rapidly changing weather conditions that can differ drastically from the the coastal plateau below, hikers should carry suitable protective gear at all times, even on a short half day hike. The cloud base can often form at 500m above sea level.

Another weather threat, even in mid winter, is a NW katabatic wind phenomena called a Berg Wind. A hot dry wind that can raise air temperatures to 35 deg Celsius, preparation needs to include am[le water and sun protection.


Mountain River



Above 350m there are very few flowing rivers or seeps and ample water should be carried at all times, particularly if hiking on days that a berg wind is blowing.



Though not often seen, two snakes that can pose a risk are the Mountain Adder and Puffadder. Both of these species are ambush species, preferring to lie still in the sun on a trail. Often the leading hiker can walk right over one sunning itself, only to have it rear up in defense at the approach of the second hiker. Both are toxic, and require attention, but their main danger is not being seen.


Berg Adder


Mountain High.

Peak Ascent

In close proximity to George, there are plenty of peaks to summit, but the popular peaks are Cradock Peak (the highest), George Peak, Tierkop, Keurkop, Vensterberg and Losberg offering hikes ranging from 5.5km to 18km.

Popular Peaks

Craddock Peak

Guided Mountain Hikes

Garden Route Trail offer guided hikes to the following peaks :

  1. Cradock Peak and George Peak (18km)
  2. Vensterberg (6km)
  3. Keurkop (5km or 12km)
  4. Loskop Peak (10km)
  5. Tierkop (12km or 18km)

The chosen peak for an outing will depend on guests fitness levels and hiking experience.


Cost : Base rate of R980.00 for the first two people, thereafter R450.00/person. Groups rates are available.


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Mountain Traverse

Between Peaks

Not everyone wants to head for the highest peak, instead preferring to saunter through the mountains to enjoy the scenery, inspect the flora and hopefully see some elusive wildlife.

The Tierkop Trail and the extension to the saddle between the Cradock Peak and Kranskop is a less strenuous hike with pockets of pristine forest.

Kloof Forest

Guided Mountain hikes:

  1. Pass to Pass loop
  2. Tierkop and George Dam Loop

George Dam


Cost :Base rate of R980.00 for the first two people, thereafter R450.00/person. Groups rates are available.




In 2018 a wild fire raged through the Garden Route, burning 108,000 Ha along the Outeniqua Mountains.

As devastating as this event was, it provided the ecological function of clearing the Fynbos and opening up access to the mountains, creating the opportunity to explore sections of the mountains that were inaccessible for the past 30 years (when the last major fire occurred).

As a fire climax floral kingdom, the Fynbos has been rejuvenated as a result of the 2018 wild fires, resulting in a vibrant floral wonderland to enjoy on all hikes in the mountains.

Cave camping

Multi Day Expeditions

There are options for a two day, 3 day and 4 day mountain hike, over nighting in tents and caves.

Contact us for tour details.


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