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Hiking the Pass 2 Pass Over and Under loop.


El Toro - Skyline Hike over Cradock Peak


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Craddock Peak


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Forest Bathing

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Mountain Peaks
Exploring mountain peaks in the Outeniqua Mountains.


Outeniqua Mountains


Cape Fold Mountains.

The Outeniqua Mountain Range extends from Mossel Bay in the west to Plettenberg Bay in the East. As a section of the Cape Fold Mountains, the range extends parallel to the Garden Route coastline in an east west alignment approximately 19km from the beach.


Craddock Peak


Dominating the skyline north of George, the Outeniqua Mountain Range boasts some impressive peaks. While not particularly high (Cradock Peak is a modest 1569m), the upliftment caused by the plate tectonic collision which created them has given them their signitory steep ascents, with the peaks comprising the oldest sedimentary rocks of the mountains.


Doring Rivier Peak 1090m


Doreingrivier PeakThis peak is the highest point on the14km Doringrivier Fynbos Trail. The vegetation, unlike the rest of the mountain fynbos in the area, was protected during the 2018 wildfires that burnt 108,000ha, and is pristine. The trail is a loop, passing an idyllic rock pool before climbing up to the peak.


This is a trail for Fynbos enthusiasts and offers comprehensive panoramic views of the Outeniqua Mountains from the north.


Water is available from the rivers in the valley.




Vensterberg Peak 1309m


Vensterberg PeakThe Vensterberg Peak Trail starts from the N9, just north of the Outeniqua Pass. It is a 3km steep climb with a rocky scramble covering the last 20m ascent. The trail is unmarked, though there are hikers cairns as a few locations to assist navigation.


Sections of the trail can be covered in cloud between 900m and 1200m.


Altitude gain : 622m


There is no surface water on the trail.


Vensterberg view


Losberg Peak 851m


Losberg PeakLosberg Peak is a deceptive peak to reach. Most commonly accessed from the Outeniqua Pass, a first glance reveals that it is marginally level with the trail head, but the descent and climb to the valley between, repeated on the return, make it a respectable 'uphill' peak to do.


Water available from the river.


Altitude gain : 567m


Losberg Peak trail


Keurkop Peak 1170m


Keurkop PeakKeurkop Peak is a short steep climb with an exposed approach to the summit. A popular early morning hike for locals, it is accessed from the top of Montagu Pass and follows the south eastern ridge to the summit.


An added attraction is a cave on the north eastern slope.


No surface water.

Ascent : 435m


Keurkop view


Tierkop Peak 762m


Tierkop PeakTucked away to the east of George Peak, the hike to Tierkop Peak is a pleasant trail on a jeep track through forest and then Fynbos. When the jeep track reaches the lower southern slope of Tierkop, there is a single track heading around the eastern side tot he Tierkop Hut. From the hut, there is a short trail to the peak.


There is no standard trail head and distances can vary from 11.5km to 22km.


No surface water.


Ascent : varies depending on where you start. Approx 570m


Tierkop Peak


Groenkop Peak 647m


Groenkop PeakAt a mere 647m Groenkop Peak would wouldn't normally attract any attention, but it is the finish point of the George Six Peaks Challenge, and as such has become a regular, albeit, challenging peak for trail runners. The challenge, and a bit of adventure,is the sharp descent to the Kaaimans River from Tierkop and the subsequent climb out of the valley to get to Groenkop Peak.



If you aren't competing in the Six Peaks Challenge, then a more pleasant approach is through the Groeneweide Forest to the service road that takes you to the peak. The final summit can be a scramble through Fynbos from the west, tracing the athletes route or from the north on a simple foot path.


The panoramic views from the peak give a great perspective of the mountain range from the east, but the peak as such is not that impressive and if it weren't for the beacon indicating the end of the race, you could easily amble around unsure of it's location.


No surface water on the southern route.


Ascent variable depending on your departure point. 530m or more.


Groenkop Peak view


Van Dalings Peak 948m


Van Dalings Peak

There are a few routes to Van Dalings Peak. Viewed from below, it is not a peak that is easily distinguished from the surrounding peaks, however it provides a short steep ascent, an incredible ridge top trail with the option of stopping in at a spectacular cave before descending down the eastern slope.


There are numerous trail heads, but including the Tonnelbos forest trail is highly recommended and in summer, in addition to the phenomenal Fynbos regrowth, there are some incredible orchids along this route.


There are a few locations with water on the western side..


Mountain Flora.


George Peak 1336m


George Peak Since the wild fires of 2018, the overgrown slopes of the Outeniqua Mountains have been reopened. Sbsequently the vertical kilometer, a popular, though hard route to George Peak heading directly up the southern slope of this peak, has reopened. As the name suggest, there is a 1000m gain on the 4km route.


A longer, but more gentle route is the traditional route from Witfontein, hiking to the saddle and then heading SE to George Peak. This route is often combined with the ascent of Cradock Peak to make a satisfying, though long mountain hike of just over 20km.


No water available except at an unreliable water hole at 1100m.


George Peak


Cradock Peak 1569m


Cradock PeakFrom anywhere along the coastal plateau between Knysna and Mossel Bay, Cradock Peak dominates the skyline of the Outeniqua Mountains.


At 1569m, it is the highest local peak and for local trail runners has become a popular training route for the George Six Peak Challenge.

The 16.6km hike to Cradock Peak delivers over 1300m altitude gain. But the effort is worth it as the views are spectacular along the entire route.


If this trail is going to be combined with the George Peak, consider getting to Cradock Peak first and then evaluating if you are up to adding George Peak on your way down.


No water available except at an unreliable water hole at 1100m.


Cradock Peak east view

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