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Hiking and Birding.

Looking for land based activities when conditions aren't ideal, join us on a guided hike or birding tour

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Looking for a walk after dark, then join Judy or Mark on a Moonlight Meander.

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Childs play - a Junior Citizen Science outing to inspire environmental awareness in future generations.

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Garden Route Paragliding
Discover our Passion for Flying in the Garden Route.



The Garden Route has earned the reputation as a world class paragliding destination for ridge soaring along the ocean ridges between Wilderness and Knysna. The coastline is on an east west alignment, with a selection of suitable launch sites to capitalize on the predominant SE and SW wind that occur along this magnificent part of South Africa.


Whether you are an advanced pilot or a novice wanting to experience a tandem flight, there are launch sites for all wind conditions.


Tandem Flights :

Experience the freedom of flight on a tandem flight on your visit to the Garden Route with the following options ;

  1. Standard - a 10 minute flight.
  2. Recall - a 10 minute flight with a full video of your flight
  3. Adventure package - 20 minute flight.

Flights are conducted from a choice of site depending on the wind conditions on the day.



To book your flight :

  1. Call : 082 213 5931
  2. E-mail

Map of Africa

Located on the western side of Wilderness, the launch site for the Map of Africa overlooks the beach and offers ideal ridge soaring on a medium SE wind.


Sedge View

Sedge View is both a superb view point and launch site overlooking the coastal village of Sedgefield and offers ridge and thermal soaring overlooking the Swartvlei estuary with the ocean in the background.



Located on the top of a primary sand dune, this site is deceptive in the flying options, but provides access to the Wilderness ridge and magnificent flights overlooking the ocean on a medium to strong SE and SW wind.

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