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Robberg Peninsula Trail

For an unsurpassed coastal walk you can't beat the Robberg Nature Reserve and its three options of walks.

Wild fungiStarting at the parking area, there are three options, namely a 7km or 3.5km loop walk or a direct walk to the Tombola. Walking in a clockwise direction you traverse roughly 400 million years of geology to reach The Gap, an ancient river mouth.

For the two loop options, follow the path to the left and continue to the Witsand dune. Here, the longer loop continues across the dune and to the point, returning on the western side of the peninsula. For the shorter loop, turn right (west) and walk down to the Tombola and return to the parking lot.Witsand


Wild orchidsFor the shorter Tombola option, at the gap take the path to the right.

Robberg also has several caves with important paleo archological sampes and the best to visit is Nelson's Cave for an insight into early human activities in the region and the variation in sea levels over the past 20,000 years.

Warnings :

Robberg is not an easy route and has some technical sections on the long loop. Tide also can affect accessability on the path from / to the Tombola and around the point. Along steep sections test your footing before commiting. The is no palatable surface water on the peninsula and hikers are advised to carry water for consumption and emergencies.

Watch video here : Robberg Hike

Five highlights to look for on the Robberg Walk:

Five species to look for :

  1. Whales in season and dolphins
  2. Cape Fur Seal colony
  3. Kelp Gull breeding colony
  4. Rock Agama
  5. Cape Rock-Thrush

Guiding :