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Swellendam Base Camp
A hiking tour of distinction on trails around the historical town of Swellendam



Diverse Hiking Tour.


Based in the scenic historical town of Swellendam, we offer a five day hiking tour. The daily trails are rated moderate and the combinations of trails allows us to explore the floral diversity of the area, from renosterveld, through forest and up to mountain Fynbos.


Plaat Trail




Day 1

Our first day begins on the Bushbuck Trail in the Bontebok National Park. A diverse trail, it meanders along the northern bank of the Breede River and passes through renosterveld, Acacia thicket, pockets of riverine forest and Aloe scrub.

Aloe Hill, Bontebok National Park


Day 2

Our second hike is along the Appelbos Trail in Marloth Nature Reserve. A moderate 10km loop through predominantly Fynbos, the trail begins with a steep climb to a contour path before a gentle descent to to Afromontane Forest before finish off the loop through pine plantation and farmland pastures.

Appelbos Loop


Day 3

The third day starts with a steep climb to the Plaat Loop contour path and heads eastwards, closing a number of streams before descending down the zig-zag path. The last section of the loop has an unexpected short climb to a ridge before a gentle descent to the end.

Plaat Trail Loop


Day 4

We take a short scenic drive to the Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve for a spectacular forest hike and a short Fynbos section. While the highlight on the Bushbuck trail are the two stands of exotic Californian Redwoods, the indigenous species are magnificent with some amazing Hard Pear and Ironwood trees to be seen towering to the canopy and host to a variety of forest bird species.

Grootvadeersbosch Forest hike


Day 5

An unexpected hiking gem in the area are the community hiking trails setting off from the village of Suurbrak. Excellent route marking guides you on a selection of trails through a rural farming setting to a incredible viewpoint up a valley to the Zuurberg ridge line.

Suurbrak hiking trails



Our inclusive Swellendam Base hiking tour is an inclusive 5 day slackpacking style tour. We overnight at A Hilltop Country Retreat and drive to and from each daily trail. Our wholesome catering includes breakfast, lunch packs and dinners and guests are encouraged to supply their own beverages.



This hiking tour is not scheduled and is only conducted on demand. If you would like to make a reservation for the Swellendam Base Camp hiking tour, e-mail Mark with your preferred dates.


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